We are committed to providing the highest quality of service and products to our clients

Engineering & Procurement you can trust.


Finally, An Engineering & Construction Company you can trust. Committed to utmost professionalism, efficiency & service delivery.


Our scope covers Engineering, Documentation, Coordinating Drawings, Procurement, Commissioning, Start-up to Contract Programs, Maintenance, Project Time Schedules, Complying Consultant Specifications, International Standards & Codes, Safety & Quality Plans. We provide turnkey engineering, installation and construction (EPIC) services on mechanical, civil, electrical and instrumentation projects. We have a proven track record in delivering client projects & supplies to the most demanding of timescales, within budget and with the lowest possible client risk. .


OBAAC  has  over the years gathered the  professional  experience,  resources  and  capabilities  to  carry  out  project  planning  and execution for both Nigerian and multinational companies in the oil and gas industry.
OBAAC  has  been  involved  in  the  execution  of  projects  in  the  land  and  swamp  terrains  of  the Niger  Delta  and  beyond.  Our experiences in the various fields speak for us.  Our execution strategy  is  in  accordance  with  existing  International  and  National  Standards  and  any specification(s) required by our client(s). We adopt a collaborative approach working with the client, interested stakeholders and the project design & engineering teams to define a clear brief, which sets out the aims and objectives of the project and a programme and budget that is project specific and realistic. Our approach is to achieve the best balance of quality, cost, function, efficiency, maintainability and project delivery.

About Us

To become one of the leading and most reliable Engineering contracting companies in Nigeria & diaspora.

Guided by our vision we shall deliver high-quality, cost-effective projects on schedule and enhance our client's satisfaction through continuous improvement of our business practices in terms of safety, quality service delivery as well as sound environmental awareness policies.


We will be honest and open in all our dealings to ensure we obtain the trust of our clients


We actively promote teamwork and expect each person to take responsibility for their work, and treat others with respect.


We are committed to providing the highest quality service and products to our clients and as well add value to their investment. Our end to end engineering processes and systems provide the means by which we can deliver our service and commitments.


We treat our clients business as our business by providing value for money and obtaining the most competitive pricing available in the industry


We aspire to provide our clients with innovative and effective solutions in our production and provision of service.


We show utmost respect for, and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experience, styles, approaches and ideas. Together we make a difference & work as one.

OBAAC believes Effective management and excellent relationships with the business community is essential to our successful operation and profitable growth. We strive to be the client’s choice for engineering services based upon our ongoing record of meeting or exceeding their expectations.


OBAAC recognizes that its activities have an immediate impact on the communities in which we work. We will make that impact a positive one by being a good neighbor, engaging in constructive dialogue and work In partnership with the community, promote education & training, respect and acknowledge local cultural and religious needs, respond promptly to enquiries from interested parties and provide relevant information regarding our activities.


Successful corporations are built around people who function as a loyal team. Our employees share in the common vision of our company’s Mission. They participate in the planning and implementation of the company’s action plan. They are our most valuable assets and their development, health and welfare are of utmost priority. Open and honest two-way communication, delegation and empowerment coupled with high but realistic performance standards generate maximum productivity.


Our clients are the foundation of our business. Our Management System is designed to generate superior client satisfaction at every level. We are committed to understanding the changing needs of our clients and our business will evolve to ensure we continue to satisfy their requirements. We work with our clients in an open and collaborative way and have a desire to prove that we can provide the best service and the best finished product at a competitive price.


In order to maintain a leadership position in a competitive market, Service Excellence for our customers is critical to the success of our Projects. Quality and continuous improvement in all areas of service delivery are central to the company ethos and are reflected in all operational areas.


Investor partners of OBAAC’s business are an integral part of our team. We strive to keep a professional, open, and harmonious relationship with our partners. We involve our partners in every phase of the business to ensure transparency.


  • Time is the most important thing
  • We make business decisions based on logic
  • We calculate risks so we are not afraid of taking them when necessary
  • We are direct and honest in our dealings with clients & partners
  • We always keep things documented so there are no misunderstandings.
  • We believe good accounting sustains good partnerships
  • We get involved in the community and truly become a part of it



  • To generate profit.
  • To be a pacesetter in General Engineering Services by exceeding client expectations
  • To provide unparalleled engineering services to local & multinational clients by providing them 24/7 consultancy.
  • To provide timely delivery in every project we undertake.
  • To build lifetime relationships with our clients & partners.


  • Maintain solid financial growth
  • Increase gross revenue.
  • Increase asset utilization.         
  • Improve cost structure.
  • Increase service/ product competitiveness
  • Work closely with clients to understand industry demands.
  • Continue improving design, drafting, production and delivery processes to maintain         competitive pricing of products and services.
  • Integrate computer programs with working processes to achieve efficient performance.
  • Extend sourcing and supply capabilities.
  • Promote Excellence
  • Strengthen client loyalty and brand image.
  • Continue to invest in information capital – systems, networks and databases.
  • Increase employee satisfaction.



  • Location of business.
  • Quality processes and procedures.
  • Diverse profitable products and services.
  • Solid leadership.
  • Effective resource management.
  • Investment in human capital and technical skills.
  • Direct access to and timely delivery of parts, materials and equipment.


At OBAAC we adopt a collaborative approach working with the client, interested stakeholders and the project design & engineering teams to define a clear brief, which sets out the aims and objectives of the project and a programme and budget that is project specific and realistic. Our approach is to achieve the best balance of quality, cost, function, efficiency, maintainability and project delivery.


STRATEGIC DESIGN                     

Early and close collaboration with the design team allows an overall design strategy to be developed and refined to reflect the whole project design and to add value.



We use design/coordination workshops to develop high quality design proposals for inclusion in the employer’s requirements with collaborative input from designers, installers and maintainers.



Once design decisions have been made, we then consider selecting materials & equipment and also sourcing of product through our effective & extensive network in the procurement process.



We take a hands-on approach to the supervision and overseeing of the works with regular attendance at technical meetings with all involved with the project.



We implement a ‘zero-defects’ policy and agree benchmark site installations and samples for quality to ensure the client gets the best possible project outcome.


Critical Thinking

We work with you to understand the specifics of your engineering challenge and analyse carefully the individuality of your project to come up with innovative ideas to bring your project to optimal fruition.

Innovative Ideas

Through critical analysis of your project we come up with innovative ideas on how to go about the project and tackle any foreseen or unforeseen challenges we might encounter. Our ideas are specifically suited to the individual project to ensure an efficient pathway towards achieving a practical solution.

Practical Solutions

Our ideas give birth to effective & practical solutions specific to your project, no matter how cumbersome. Our approach simplifies the whole project process & makes our execution simplistic but practical,timely & also successful.

Efficient Execution

With our long standing experience and team of professionals, after careful planning we go about executing your project while maintaining international standards & best practices to meet your requirements in the most timely & efficient manner.

Timely Turnkey Delivery

We deliver innovative & professional results to you in time which ensures optimum satisfaction from you, the client. With this approach we ensure, your confidence in our team is strengthened for future projects.


We focus on performance, operational efficiency & safety to guaranty our clients the best results & value for money.

We will be happy to hear about your project..